Chairman Appeal


Chairman – Dr. B.U. Ansari

Our ancient Indian Civilization and culture is fulfilled by human welfare since beginning. The ideas of world human likeVasudhav Kutumbkam & Sarvebhavantu Sukhina was established in our old Indian culturure and thus India became the first center of International peace and welfare. For the protection and development of these ideas the United Nation Organisation have prepared a Charter of Samagra human right on 10th Dec. 1948. Which takes 30 articles, In the service of human rights another world level organization AMMENISTY INTERNATIONAL is also constituted. On 28th March, 1961 in London. But the attack of human rights and the crime against poor, children, women & other weaker section is not decreased but gradually increases. So the serve the weaker section & maintain Peace and save the human right an Organization named Samagra Manavadhikar Association is also constituted and registered under the Central Society Act, 1860 of Government of India, New Delhi wide Registration No.: S/212/2012. Our organization is working at national level to serve the people regarding human right and development of weaker section through our various programmes. We are proud to announce that our Samagra Manavadhikar Sangthan is successfully doing its best to achieving their goal. Our Sangthan is very popular in U.P., M.P., Bihar, Maharashtra in its field and we hope that we will be able to serve more people of other parts of India very soon.

So, I Dr. B.U. Ansari (National Chairman of Samagra Manavadhikar Association) appeals the ladies, children, poor persons and to serve the environment peace and human right people should come to us. We are happy and will honour to serve all matters.

Thank you.


Dr. B.U. Ansari


Samagra Manavadhikar Association

New Delhi